FastPass+ is Disney World’s system to get you on rides faster. Here’s what you need to hear…

-You get to pick 3 passes per day in advance. All three have to be at the same park regardless of what kind of ticket you have.

-Once you use all 3 you can get new ones, one at a time, on the spot in any park.

-You can reserve passes 30 days before your first ticket, or if you’re staying onsite (including the Swan and Dolphin) you can book them 60 days before. Reservations start at 7am EST so set your alarm! Especially if you want to get some of the harder to get passes. *Pro-tip": You can book all of your days 60 days before your check in day, so if you’re staying 5 days, you can book all 5 days on that 60 days out day.

-You reserve FastPass+ for an hour time period and then you have that whole hour to go. 

-There are two tiers of FastPass+ in Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. You can pick only one ride out of the first tier, the second tier you can get up to 3 of. (i.e. In Animal Kingdom you can only reserve one of the two Avatar rides).

-If you’re in a group you do not have to all get the same passes.

-The hardest ones to get are:

Animal Kingdom: Flight of Passage (the fast Avatar Ride- this one is nearly impossible and can have lines up to 3-4 hours), Nav'i River (the slow Avatar ride)

Epcot: Frozen and sometimes Soarin’

Hollywood Studios: Slinky Dog Roller Coaster

Magic Kingdom: Peter Pan and 7 Dwarfs Mine Train