Do character meals for breakfast. It’s the same fun experience at a cheaper price than dinner!
Take a mid-day break for naps and resting in your hotel. This way you can be at the morning hours and the evening shows without the midday breakdowns! Plus the middle of the day is usually the hottest and the most crowded.
Get your dining reservations early!
You can cancel up to the day before
and they fill up quick!
If it’s super crowded in the Magic Kingdom (especially during parade times or fireworks) you can walk from one end of Main Street to the other through the stores. If you’re facing the castle, it’s the stores on your left side.
Getting there in the afternoon and don’t want to buy a full day ticket? Plan a meal at one of the hotels on the monorail and take a ride around! You can even stop at the different hotels and walk around their themed lobbies.”
Hotels take room requests! Go online and check where in the hotel you most want to be (near the lobby? closest to the pool?) and put in your request!