The Memory Maker is a big ears up for us! It's one price for the entire vacation and includes downloadable photos from rides and all the parks.  The big key for this is to seek out the photographers.  They are everywhere so this isn't a tough hunt!  Many of them take pictures with special effects like the one above, a fun souvenir to have. This way the person who's usually always on the other side of the camera can get into the shots as well. 

Magical Express

This one's not black and white for us.  The Magical Express is a great, free service to get you from the airport to your resort.  They're nice buses and usually have cartoons playing on the tv, a nice distraction for the 25 minute or so ride. 

However, we're not fans of the get your luggage option.  It sounds good- Disney offers to get your luggage from baggage and deliver it directly to your hotel.  The only issue is it doesn't get transported at the same time as you so you're often waiting the whole day for your stuff. If you do decide to take this option, I recommend having some clothes and anything needed in a timely fashion in a carry on.

If you're not a fan of the bus and want a speedier option, Uber and Lyft have pick-ups right near the baggage claim.  If you don't mind the extra charge it definitely saves you some time.

Dining Plans

We’re not big fans of this one with 2 exceptions: 1) If you do a package where the dining plan is free and 2) if you plan to eat big meals at every meal.